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it’s like she’s withholding treatment or something I need this to function but I have a feeling she’ll put up a fight if i get prescribed medication

oh boy ADHD assessment on Monday can’t wait for my mom to argue that medication is the easy way out despite having another child already on medication for ADHD.

*sees eyes on walls and vision goes watery* this is fine

I get weird sorta vibes from mythical characters like they’re ver t y mysterious and strange but also I want to know them and become them

I feel connected a lot of Greek mythological figures but Hades and Orpheus are The

pay attention to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but also dont ever look my way!!!! dont even think about me!!!! but also love me and worship me!!!!

im so fucking whiny god just suck it up 

not even just once a week usually twoce or three times and its an hour long and i dread it every day and its not helpful at all but of course if i tell her that im probably faking because shes “read studies on this” 

my mom constantly talks about how phsyical activity is a miraculous thing for depression and anxiety ot whatever but tbh im more dperessed and anxious when i have to go to something i hate once a week 

im condisering quitting kenpo when i get a job because it takes up a lot of time and i need time for homework and i cant funtion well without some time to rest after school so when i start working ill have even less time but i know my mom will give me shit for quitting lel