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i dont think my parents realize that when i say im trying to control my emotions when im being incredibly meotional i am actually about to explode im trying so hard and i have very intense emotions so trying to control them is like trying to harness an angry beast 

i think there actually may be two shadow people here tonight but i cant see either of them and its really disconcerting 

im begging you if you read my posts like them please if you have any reservations about it because you think it will make me feel weird that i know youre reading it it does exactly the opposite 

i want to give shadow man a name but hes so weird and beyond definition i dont know what would fit him

i havent actually seen shadow man since two days ago but i can tell hes still there and hes starting to freak me out a little bit what are you doing here what do you want from me how do i get you to go away 

i love my friends so much so so so much but i cant interact with them verbally without being incredibly nervous my parents will hear me and get angry with me and i dont even know what im worried they’ll hear it just stresses me out in general 

DONT REBLOG MY GODDAMN POSTS ON THIS BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh god i feel sick for posting that but i dont want to delete it because i dont want to have her controlling me and somehow this feels more like im in control but i also feel ike shes going to find out im saying this and come after me